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Corporate Governance Guidelines

Director Orientation and Continuing Education

The Chairman of the Board shall ensure that new members of the Board are provided with the necessary materials regarding the Company’s operations and performance to understand the Company’s business.

The Board of Directors will have ongoing contact with senior executive and other members of management, for example, through yearly Board retreats, visits to Company facilities, and management participation in Board meetings. The Board shall receive an annual presentation by management of the Company’s long-term strategic plan. In addition, the Board shall receive periodic briefings from the Company’s independent auditors, its Finance executives, its General Counsel, and outside experts regarding, among other matters, changes in accounting regulations, NYSE listing requirements, and the laws applicable to the responsibilities of the Board. Board members are encouraged to attend Company events such as the Annual Awards Banquet and management visits to locations near their residence.   Board members are also encouraged to take advantage of materials and seminars provided by experts in the fields of accounting and the law, to the extent applicable to their responsibilities as Board members.  Members of the Board are provided flight benefits to enable them to monitor the Company’s service levels and to interact with Employees and Customers.  Directors may also visit other facilities of the Company as they desire.  Board members will be provided with copies of press releases, analyst reports, and other news reports regarding the Company and its prospects.